Droid VPN Settings For Free Internet 2022

Are you looking for the latest Android VPN settings that can give you free data?

Well, if your answer is yes I've got some good news for you and you can get free internet access right now.

You just need to have a Google account so that you will be able to create your Droid VPN account.

Because in order to create start using Droid VPN to get free data you need to live a Droid VPN account.

It is very easy to create a Droid VPN account and also activate Droid VPN account.

If you still want more information about how you can create your own Droid VPN account please let me know in the comments.

Or else you can search this website for how to create a Droid VPN account, you will find a post that can help.

How To Create Droid VPN Account

Creating a Droid VPN account is not that hard, you just need to have a Google account that you can access.

You may ask why you should use a Google account, this is probably because Droid VPN only accepts users to create accounts using an email with a gmail.com extension only.

So in order to get started, you should make sure that you have at least a Gmail account that you can access.

If you don't have it you can create your own in a very simple way, you can take a look at how to create a Google account.

Now that you have a Google account let's open this link to go to Droid VPN sign up page.

Droid VPN Settings

The sign up page will look like the picture above and now you need to fill out your username password and your email address.

Your username must be unique, this means you should use a username that is not being used on Droid VPN.

After that click on the, I'm not a robot and complete the captcha challenge and click on the sign up now button.

Once you have done that you now need to go to your email address inbox and you will find out an email from Droid VPN.

Open that email and click on the link inside that email to verify your account.

You can also take a look at how to activate Droid VPN account if you are failing to do it.

The email address will contain your username and your password, copy those credentials and paste them into your Droid VPN app.

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Droid VPN Settings

These are the latest settings for getting free data. Get these latest settings that work in almost all countries providing free internet access

Now that you successfully created an account you now need to configure the application for free data.

Click on the three lines on top left and click on settings then click on TCP and HTTP.

Click on a remote proxy port and enter 2401 then on local proxy port enter 5190 then click save.

Turn on the option that says send HTTP headers on TCP and make sure this option is really turned on.

Now click on set HTTP headers and set up your HTTP headers as follows:

URL/Host: droidvpn.com
Extra headers: User agent, Keep Alive and Online host

VPN Connection Settings

After setting up the HTTP headers now you need to set up your VPN connection settings.

In order to get to the VPN connection settings page you need to click on the Three lines and click on settings.

After that click on VPN connection settings and configure the settings as shown below.

To make the process even shorter it just make sure to turn on the first four options and turn off the rest.

Connect Droid VPN

After setting up all what has been explained above you now need to connect your Droid VPN.

If you are using a free account you may need to change the server from a premium saver to everyone.

After that set up your connection protocol as HTTP or TCP and click on the start button to begin the connection process.

You need to keep on clicking the start button until you are successfully connected.

Droid VPN settings 2021

Droid VPN Proxy Settings

If you are failing to connect using the above settings you can set up the Droid VPN proxy settings.

These are alternate to the above however, they work better even though the speeds are limited but the performance is better.

Droid VPN new settings tested and they are working perfectly providing free internet access.

These Droid VPN settings are very easy to configure and does not require any technical skills.

This means anyone can do it and enjoy unlimited data on a daily basis like what others are doing.

Open your droid vpn and configure it correctly as follows

Go to settings and under the settings tab click on the TCP and HTTP button.
Remote TCP Port: 105
Local TCP Port: 1111

Uncheck send http headers and make sure that it is turned off then proceed to the next step to setting up the HTTP headers.
Set HTTP headers as indicated below, don't use the settings of your own mind, otherwise, it will not work.
Url or host:

On extra headers tick the following and leave the others unchecked:
  • Keep alive
  • Online host
  • User argent
Now go to proxy settings that are located under Settings >> TCP and HTTP >> Proxy settings turn on the first button to turn on your proxy settings.

On proxy type choose https(connect)
Proxy host: then save
Port 8080
Proceed and click on set proxy headers
On extra headers choose keep alive only

Vpn connection settings

Now proceed to set up the VPN connection settings which are located under settings.
Tick the first 4 options and turn off the rest
  • Run as root
  • Use VPN service API
  • Enable compression
  • Bypass VPN for local networks

Tick MTU scan also

Note. For a fast and successiful connection click start and stop when it say connecting to tcp sever for 8 times and let it connect on the 9th tap. 

When it says http connection, tap again and it has to say could not open main tcp socket.

Don't worry about that, you have to keep tapping until it connects.

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